You must first connect to tor on your device.

Zeus is a powerful mobile wallet that can be connected directly to both LND and Core Lightning. If you’d like to connect via LNbits, which allows allocation of funds, please see this guide.

Available For:

  • Android

  • iOS


Works with both Core Lightning (CLN) and LND! If you’d like to connect Zeus to LND instead - please use this guide.

  1. Download Zeus for your device.

  2. Log into StartOS and select Services -> Core Lightning -> Properties.

  3. Tap the QR code icon for “REST Quick Connect” to display the QR code.

  4. In Zeus, tap “Scan node config”. Allow camera access, scan the QR code, and then tap ‘Save node config’.



    If you already have other nodes configured in Zeus, go to Settings.-> Connect a node -> + . Then scan the QR code, and tap “Save node config”.

  5. That’s it. You can now use your Core Lightning Node via Zeus.