Alby is a browser extension that can be connected to your lightning node a number of ways.

This guide will go over direct connections between Alby and LND using LNC.


If you’d like to connect using LND’s REST API see here. If you’d like to connect via LNbits which allows allocation of funds, please see this guide.


Requires the Lightning Terminal service and only possible with LND nodes.

Available For:

  • Chrome-based browsers

  • Firefox

  1. Download the Alby extension by visiting the Alby Github, selecting your browser, and installing.

  2. On the Alby welcome screen, select Get Started.

  3. Create a strong password and store it somewhere safe, like your Vaultwarden password manager.

  4. On the next screen, select Other Wallets and click Connect.

  5. Click on Start9 then on Lightning Terminal (LNC).

  6. You will see the following screen. Launch the Lightning Terminal service UI from your Start9 server and do as instructed below:

  7. Click Continue and you will see this once you successfully connect: