Calendar & Contacts Syncing

You can set up your devices using their integrations, but if you wish to use a standalone client for your Calendar and Contacts syncing, we recommend Mozilla’s Thunderbird.

  1. Install the Calendar and Contacts apps in Nextcloud if they are not currently installed.

  2. Add your RootCA to your system and then configure Thunderbird.

  3. Select Calendar or Contacts from below to complete each unique setup:

  1. In Thunderbird, click on the calendar icon, then “New Address Book” in the bottom-left.

thunderbird add calendar
  1. Choose “On the network,” then click “Next”.

thunderbird add calendar checkbox
  1. Fill in the Username and Location fields with the credentials from Nextcloud > Properties on your Start9 server. Click “Find calendars”.

thunderbird add calendar checkbox
  1. Create a unique app password - In your Nextcloud WebUI, visit the top-right-hand menu and select “Personal Settings” -> “Security.” At the bottom, under “Devices & Sessions,” create a new app password with a name of your choice, such as “CalDAV.” Copy the resulting password and paste it into Thunderbird.

nextcloud app password
thunderbird add password
  1. Check which calendars you want to integrate and click “Subscribe”.

thunderbird add calendar subscribe

Your Nextcloud calendar will now sync with Thunderbird. Click on the “Contacts” tab above to add your contacts.