Mount a Data Drive

If you have an encrypted disk from a prior StartOS installation, you can mount its decrypted contents on a Linux computer.


This guide is advanced and should only be used when instructed by a Start9 technician.

  1. Attach the StartOS data drive to your Linux desktop or laptop computer.

  2. Ensure cryptsetup is installed:

    sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y cryptsetup
  3. Enter the following command to reveal your disk’s crypto_LUKS filesystems and their labels:

    lsblk --fs

    We are interested in the services data so copy the long label ending with package-data.

  4. Take that label, prepend /dev/mapper/ to it, and feed it to cryptsetup:

    sudo cryptsetup open /dev/mapper/EMBASSY_NBMVE7OASAPTIIXNEPFN6PLAPJNT72F2XAVK43L2PGB6O2JRB35A-package--data startos_data_unlocked

    You will be prompted for the password to decrypt the filesystem which is password, and a new device mapping called startos_data_unlocked will be created.

  5. Mount the startos_data_unlocked device at a path of your choosing. Here, we will use /mnt/startos_data:

    sudo mkdir /mnt/startos_data
    sudo mount /dev/mapper/startos_data_unlocked /mnt/startos_data
  6. Inspect the decrypted files in preparation for copying via cp, scp, rsync or similar utility: