Package Bundle

All assets get bundled into a custom filetype with an extension of .s9pk, short for Start9 Package. This is the file that will be downloaded from a marketplace. When the user clicks a service’s “Install” button, StartOS unpacks and installs the service.

The minimum necessary files for this bundle are:

  • image.tar (the result of a Dockerfile build)



  • icon.png

Each new version release of a service should include the updated version of these files re-bundled into a new .s9pk. .


To package all components into an .s9pk, run the following command from the root of your project directory:

start-sdk pack

Let’s also make sure to verify the validity of the package:

start-sdk verify s9pk /path/to/hello-world.s9pk

If anything goes wrong, an error message will indicate the missing component or other failure.