Backups are defined by the service developer in the backups section of the Manifest. By default, this action is a command executed within a Docker container.

StartOS provides a system utility for creating backups. This system utility is the duplicity library that is run inside the Docker image entitled _compat_.

The path to be backed up can be specified in the Manifest. In the create backup example below, it is the last argument:

# create backup
entrypoint: compat
# Arguments to pass into the entrypoint executable. In this example, the full command run will be: `compat duplicity <package-id> /mnt/backup /root/data`
    - duplicity
    - <package-id>
    - /mnt/backup
    # For duplicity, the backup mount point needs to be something other than `/root`, so we default to `/root/data`
    - /root/data

For restoration purposes, it might be beneficial to ignore certain files or folders. For instance, ignore the shared/public folder that is mounted for dependencies that expose this feature as it causes data inconsistencies on restore.

In this case, create a .backupignore file in the mounted volume directory. This file contains a list of relative paths to the ignored files.


The BTCPay Server wrapper demonstrates a good use of a backupignore template.

Ultimately, /datadir/.backupignore gets populated with: