DIY Guidelines (Raspberry Pi)

Start9 is committed to ensuring that StartOS is accessible. It will always be possible to build your own Start9 server similar to the ones we sell. Below you will find the requirements to build a Server Lite, based on the Raspberry Pi.

For more guidance or to share your experience with others, please head to our community forum. Want to support sovereign computing? Please consider a donation to Start9.

Hardware Requirements

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB RAM model)

  • Power Supply (20w - 5v/4a recommended)

  • SD Card (64GB minimum, 128GB or 256GB recommended - “High Endurance” highly recommended)


It is possible, but no longer recommended, to flash the OS to a small SD card and attach an external SSD. If you insist on doing this, you MUST provide adequeate power via a USB hub or, preferably, a powered expansion board, such as those sold by Geekworm. See the Community Hub for more info.

Flash and Install StartOS