You are not reading the latest stable version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 0.3.5.x.



This guide assumes you have already setup LNbits as per this guide.


This will work with either LND or CLN as your underlying node!

Alby is a browser extension that can be connected to your lightning node a number of ways. This guide will go over connecting via LNbits which allows allocation of funds.

Make sure you are already running Tor on your system and we suggest using Firefox which must be configured to use Tor.

  1. Download the Alby extension by visiting the Alby Github, selecting your browser, and installing.

  2. On the Alby welcome screen, select Get Started.

  3. Create a strong password and store it somewhere safe, like your Vaultwarden password manager.

  4. On the next screen, select Other Wallets and click Connect.

  5. Click Start9 then LNbits:

  6. You will be brought to this page:

  7. Head back to LNbits and select the wallet you created then click on the arrow to the right of API Info:

  8. Copy the Admin key and paste it into Alby:

  9. Head back to your Start9 server’s LNbits service page and select Interfaces:

  10. Copy the Tor Address:

  11. Head back to Alby and paste what you just copied into LNbits URL, select Tor (native) then hit Continue:



    Make sure to include the http:// at the start of the address. If it is not working make sure that you are already running Tor on your system and that your browser is configured to use Tor.

  12. Once connected you should see the following success page:


    Alby is now connected to your lightning node via LNbits!

  13. In addition to allocating sats to this wallet via the LNbits Superuser Account (see “Funding LNbits section” here), you can also receive funds the normal way by hitting Receive within Alby.



    Funds received this way must be sent from another lightning node, not the node underneath LNbits. A lightning payment that originates and terminates at the same node is technically a rebalance, not a normal payment.

You’re now setup with Alby and LNbits!