You are not reading the latest stable version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 0.3.5.x.

Start SDK

The StartOS embedded Software Development Kit (SDK), is a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool that aids in building and packaging services you wish to deploy to StartOS.

It helps validate that the necessary components of the package exist, and package all of those components into a special file type (s9pk) that is understood by StartOS.


You can install this component on any system, without needing to run StartOS, by running the following command:

git clone -b latest --recursive && cd start-os/backend && ./

Next, initialize the SDK and verify the installation was successful:

start-sdk init
start-sdk --version


To see a list of all available commands provided, run the following from an terminal window:

start-sdk --help

start-sdk init

Initialize the developer key for interacting with the SDK.

By default, this creates the developer key at /etc/embassy. You might need to change ownership of this folder depending on your system permissions.

chown <user> /etc/embassy

Alternatively, you can write a config file with your desired developer location, it simply needs the following format:

developer-key-path: /desired/path/to/key

And load it by running:

start-sdk -c /path/to/config init

start-sdk pack

This command takes the necessary package components and assembles them into the s9pk file format needed to install a service on StartOS. It expects the following files to exist:

  • Manifest

  • Instructions

  • License

  • Icon

  • Dockerfile

If this command fails, the error response will indicate which component is missing.

start-sdk verify

This command verifies aspects about the components assembled into the s9pk, such as:

  • Ensures that all mounts are real volumes in the manifest

  • Ensures all cert volumes point to real interfaces in the manifest

  • Ensures all actions refer to real images in the manifest

  • Ensures all images are tagged correctly in the manifest

  • Ensures the icon is less than 100KB

It should be run _after_ start-sdk pack in order to verify the validity of each component.

If this command fails, the error message will indicate the mismatched details.

start-sdk git-info

This command outputs the git commit hash of the SDK version installed on your platform.

start-sdk inspect

This command contains several utilities for reading components once packaged into the s9pk. In development, it can be helpful to determine if each component is successfully included in the s9pk package.

It contains the following subcommands, and requires the path to the <pacakge-id>.s9pk file as the last argument:

  • docker-images

  • hash

  • icon

  • instructions

  • license

  • manifest

For example:

start-sdk inspect instructions /path/to/<package-id>.s9pk