You are not reading the latest stable version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 0.3.5.x.


The output of this step is a file titled stats.yaml. This file contains a mapping of the values that will be displayed in the Properties section in a service’s menu.

Due to the fact that config variables are only available when the service is running, this file can only be populated at runtime.

Service Properties

Service Properties

Properties Type
interface Properties {
  version: Enum<v1 | v2>,
  data: Data,

interface Data {
  # The key here is an string that describes the property appropriately
  <String> : PropertiesString | PropertiesObject

interface PropertiesString {
  type: 'string'
  name: string
  value: string
  description: string | null
  copyable: boolean
  qr: boolean
  masked: boolean

interface PropertiesObject {
  type: 'object'
  name: string
  value: PropertiesObject | PropertiesString


An example stats.yaml file generation can be found here.