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Join Start9

How to Apply

Email us at with your resume and any other information you think we should know about you.

About Start9

Our mission at Start9 is to eliminate the need for trusted 3rd parties in the human/computer relationship. Our flagship product, EmbassyOS, is the most advanced, secure, and reliable personal server operating system in the world, making it possible for anyone to host their own software and data. One brick at a time, we will help construct an open and decentralized computing platform for humanity’s future, one where sovereign individuals control their own data and the flow of information, as well as the abundance of intelligent devices that will come to engulf the human experience.

Read more about our company and vision, or check out this podcast.

Benefits of working at Start9

  • Competitive salary

  • Performance-based bonuses

  • Equity. You’re still early!

  • Health and dental insurance

  • Work from anywhere in the world, including our Denver office

  • Budget for new computer

  • Attend meetups and conferences

  • Attend team retreats

General Considerations

At Start9, we seek passion and expertise. If you care deeply about freedom through technology and the mastery of your craft, you will fit in.

Open Positions

Frontend Developer (JS)

We are seeking a JS developer who is skilled with CSS and cares deeply about crafting beautiful user interfaces.

Start9 frontend devs leverage Angular, Typescript, and RXJS to deliver clean, modular, and performant codebases. The EmbassyOS frontend codebase uses websockets and Start9’s own nonce-based PatchDB to create a real-time sync and state management system with the backend. The user feels “plugged in” to their server, even if they are on the other side of the world.


  • Significant experience working with modern Angular

  • Familiarity with RXJS

  • Strong CSS skills

  • Writes clear and organized code

Backend Developer (Rust)

We are seeking a Rust developer to contribute to the EmbassyOS backend codebase. The EmbassyOS backend is a novel and highly performant container management system that affords users granular control over applications running on their personal server.


  • Familiarity with rust’s async model and the tokio runtime

  • Familiarity with Linux kernel intrinsics

  • Computer science / computer engineering degree or equivalent experience


  • Familiarity with the Linux FUSE apis

  • sub-transport layer networking knowledge

Product Designer

We are seeking a passionate product designer to lead UI/UX design at Start9, including our website, EmbassyOS, and ancillary products and marketing materials. Until now, Start9 devs have leaned heavily on stock html/css components with minimal styling. We are now determiend to step up our design game and need an expert to lead the charge.


  • Skilled with Figma and/or Sketch

  • Obsessively pursues beauty and perfection

  • High in empathy, understands user psychology