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Install / Uninstall


Some services have dependencies on other services. Adding, updating, or removing a service can sometimes have requirements or consequences for other services. Your Embassy will inform you of these issues along the way.


To add a new service, find it’s listing inside the Service Marketplace: Marketplace > [Service Name] > Install.

Depending on the size of the service and your Internet connection, installation should take between 60 seconds and a few minutes.

After installation, you can view the service’s instructions by navigating to Services > [Service Name] > Instructions


You can only start and use a service once its dependencies are met, its configuration complete, and is in a running state.


To see if an update is available for a service, you can click the refresh button inside the dashboard of the installed service or by visiting its listing in the Service Marketplace.

If an update is available, simply click “Update” and confirm the action.


To remove a service, navigate to Services > [Service Name] > Uninstall.