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With the Initial Setup complete, your Embassy is now privately hosted on the Internet and can be accessed right from a web browser. Your Embassy’s addresses (its Tor and LAN URLs) are completely private; no one else even knows they exist.

If you accidentally leak your Embassy’s addresses, do not worry. You Embassy is also protected by your password; so only you can log in.


Connecting to your Embassy over Tor requires using a browser that supports .onion URLs.

Currently, Tor is the default and our recommended approach for most users. It just works. The one drawback, however, is latency; onion-routed communications over Tor can be slow. For a lightning fast experience, you can connect to your Embassy over LAN (below), but this requires additional setup.

Below are a list of our recommended browsers for Tor:


Connecting to your Embassy over LAN has the benefit of being fast! It requires that your are connected to your home network and using a browser that supports .local URLs, which is true for most browsers.