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Setup and Troubleshooting

What do I do first?

Simply plug the device into power and internet, most easily by using an empty ethernet port on your home internet router. That’s it! After this, get the Setup App, and follow the instructions.

How do I know if my Embassy is running?

After plugging into power and your router, you will hear 2 distinct sounds: first, a “bep” ‐ indicating the device is powering on, and second, a “chime” ‐ indicating the device is ready for setup.

My Embassy is really hot! Is this normal?

Yes, the Embassy’s case is actually doing ‘double duty’ as a heat sync. This means that the metal of the case is actually touching the chips on the circuit board and drawing their heat out and away. This is known as “passive cooling,” as no fan (and therefore no additional energy) is required to cool the system.

What if I can’t connect to my Embassy?

Please ensure your phone / computer is connected to the same wired or wireless network as your Embassy. Be careful that you are not on a separate or “guest” network.

Why do I need the Bonjour service (Windows)?

Because a major use case of Bonjour is wireless printing over the LAN, but your Windows machine can also use Bonjour to discover and connect with other devices on the LAN. In this case the Embassy.

My Tor sites aren’t loading, what should I do?

This is most likely a transient networking issue that will correct itself in a few minutes to an hour. If it does not, there are few things you can try:

  1. On Android/Orbot, the most common solution is to restart your Android device.

  2. Access your Embassy over LAN and restart it from the “Embassy” menu.

  3. Restart your router.

Do I need to take any additional security precautions with my device, for example with my router/modem?

Nothing special is required, however, it is best practice to use good passwords, i.e. for your WiFi and your Embassy. Here’s a comic explaining how to make strong passwords, simply.

What if I have an unique network issue, for example, with a firewall?

The Embassy is designed to work as simply as possible, for as many as possible, while providing the ability to self-host in a private manner. If you have an agressive or custom firewall, or other custom network settings, there is a good chance that addtional configuration may be necessary. We will continue to learn about custom networking issues, update our docs with resources, and help in the community channels to the best of our ability.

Can I use the Embassy from behind a VPN, for example, if my router has a built-in VPN?

While this is possible, it adds complexity, which may lead to problems. You will need to understand the setup of your router/VPN and how it supports (or doesn’t support) tor connections.

If you are having trouble with this, you might consider letting the Embassy out “in the clear,” since everything is broadcast exclusively across the Tor network, offering a high level of privacy.

Why am I having trouble using my Embassy via the Brave browser?

Unfortunately, Brave does not treat .onion addresses in a ‘secure context.’ This is a known issue in Brave that is being tracked here.

I’m getting this error: The shell command “apt-get update” returned a failure exit code: 100. What do I do?

This has been fixed in newer updates. Please first make sure to update to the latest EOS version (2.16 or higher). If this does not work, please contact us.

Is it true that iOS has some limited functionality in regard to the Embassy?

The short answer is yes, but not much. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow any ability for Tor to run in the background (everything on the Embassy runs over Tor). Most of your Embassy services can be run with Tor-native apps, inside Consulate, or with another Tor browser, with the exception of RTL, Spark, and Matrix. Zap and Zeus wallets can be used in place of RTL/Spark, and we hope a Tor-native Element client will be available soon to allow for the use of Matrix.

I’m having trouble using Firefox for Tor addresses on Lineage, what can I do?

Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug in Lineage that makes using Firefox over Tor currently unusable. Currently, this feature works fine on Calyx and Graphene.