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Contributing & Development

What versions does this FAQ concern?

This FAQ concerns only EmbassyOS version 0.3.0 and above. For v0.2.x documentation, please see our Service Packaging Guide.

What language does the application I want to package need to be written in?

The application can be written in any language, so you may prefer to select an application in a language you are comfortable with (or write your own application). It is only important that the packaging specifications be followed.

What considerations go into selecting an application to package?

With sufficient effort, most any software with the ability to be self-hosted could make its way onto EmbassyOS. That being said, the following features will make service packaging much easier:

  • Already built with self-hosting in mind

  • Active development / community

  • Native proxy/tor support

  • Already ‘dockerized’

Which possible formats can I use to write the manifest, config_spec, and config_rules files?

JSON, TOML, or YAML are valid options.

I’m getting errors on the embassy-sdk pack step. What’s going on?

There is something either missing or incorrect in regard to one of the manifest, configs, instructions, or icon files.